The current constitution of HVAC dates back to October 2006 and over the past 12 years it has become outdated in many different respects. Your committee has, over the past month or so, worked hard at drafting a new constitution that reflects the current environment that the club operates within. So, here is the draft constitution for your perusal and comment, the contents of which has been drawn from a number of different sources. Please direct all queries and comments to Marc at within the next 30 days. After this period of consultation and review, a revised draft constitution will be circulated which we will seek to have approved at a Special General Meeting on 8 November 2018. In terms of the current constitution, we will need to give 21 days’ notice for a Special General Meeting at which a two thirds majority will be required to adopt the new constitution. A quorum will be at least 10 paid up full members of the club.