We at Hillcrest Villagers look forward to hosting you at the 2022 ThreshHold Hillcrest Marathon. Our huge appreciation to our title sponsor THRESHold for their support once again, making it possible for us to prepare for another great race day experience for all the participants. Keep an eye on our ThreshHold Hillcrest Marathon Facebook page for continued communication as we approach race day.

2022 T-shirts to all entrants. Medals to all finishers within cut off times. Shirt sizes are subject to availability.



The race will take place on the 5th of June 2022 at Hillcrest Villagers Athletic Club. 

This is a PRE-ENTRY EVENT ONLY. Absolutely no late entries will be permitted. 

Entry fees are not refundable for any reason whatsoever including cancellation of the event. Entries are NOT transferable to other athletes. No substitutions permitted. 

Free entry to those who are 70 years of age or older. (Temporary licence fees still apply). 

Entries can be made on Easyreg.co.za by using the link here: https://www.easyreg.co.za/event/hillcrest-marathon-2022


(by 22 May ‘22 only)

21.1 km EVENT R240


23 May ‘22 – 29 May ‘22

21.1 km EVENT R270

42.2 km EVENT R320

42.2 km EVENT R350

Notwithstanding the above dates, entries will be closed earlier if the entry cap of 2,000 is reached.

For temporary licences, R80 Cash must accompany manual entry drop off points at:

  1. Sportsmans Warehouse – Watercrest
  2. The Durban Runner – Windermere
  3. Sportsmans Warehouse – Pavillion
  4. Poobie Naidoo Sports – Durban North
  5. Poobie Naidoo Sports – Pietermaritzburg

Race Number Collection takes place on Saturday 4 June 2022 from 10am to 5pm (no exceptions) at Hillcrest Villagers Club. NB: Road Closure from 5:30am on Race Day. Minimum age on race day is 16 years for 21.1km and 20 years for 42.2km

The events will start on the corner Hospital/Old Main Rd Hillcrest, (route map available below or from the route map tab) The events will finish at the Hillcrest Villagers Club, 5 Crooked Lane, Hillcrest

The race will start at 6:00am. Both the 21.1km & 42.2km start at 6:00 am.

* Please note this time change. Due to this race now taking place in Winter, we have made the decision for your safety, to move the race start to 6:00 am.

The event is over a 21.1 km circular course through Hillcrest and Winston Park. The marathon runners complete 2 laps.There will be 7 refreshment tables along each lap. 


We are using mat to mat timing through Finish Time this year so it is imperative that all runners cross the start line mat and the various mats along the route or stand a chance of being disqualified from the results.

We have been fortunate enough to secure 3 parking venues for our Marathon where all proceeds will go to Charity. The venues are as follows:

  1. Travelling up Old Main road , turn left in to the Hillcrest Centre bottom gated parking (Entrance across from BP garage) , and we have use of the complete bottom parking area. No vehicles to go up to any other level parkings. Hospital road entrance to the Hillcrest Centre will be locked and no entry available.
  2. Turning off the M13 behind Plantations and coming up Hospital road , we have secured an area within the government Hillcrest hospital grounds, no parking allowed on any internal roads , please listen to marshalls about where to park and please be kind to the patients and keep extremely quiet until you have left the Hospital grounds.
  3. Coming up Old Main road ( Heartbreak hill ) turn right into Highbury road , turn right again at the Highbury main gate – parking will be on three fields and some laid out tarred parking. Again please keep noise down, absolutely no littering will be tolerated.

All three parking venue fees will be R10.00 and as mentioned all proceeds will go to Charity.

Please adhere to marshals instructions and parking restrictions so that we are able to continue using these venues in years to come.


We will be having two different food vendors at our event to satisfy your hunger. Hillcrest Aids Centre will be making bacon and egg rolls @ R25 each and Kloof Round Table will be selling hamburgers and boerie rolls for R25 each. All proceeds are going to charity. There will also be two different Coffee vendors available. Please support them.

We will also be selling drinks from our Bar.


How can you do your part? It’s easy! Hold onto those sachets and cups and dispose of them along with any other litter you may have in the bins provided. IAAF Rule 28.4 Littering shall be further categorised as intentional and unintentional littering. Both can apply anywhere. ASA Rule 28.5 makes provision for a Race Referee to warn an athlete by showing a yellow card and exclusion by showing a red card

  • Club colours must be worn by licenced athletes. 
  • Race numbers must be worn on the front of your vest / crop top 
  • Provincial licence must be worn front and back. Temporary licence must be worn on the front of your vest or crop top. 
  • New ASA/KZNA Age Category (60mm to 80mm) & “W” Walker Tags to be worn on front & back of vest and must be clearly visible in order to qualify for category prizes. 
  • ASA rule 22: Junior Athletes (19 years or younger on 31st December 2022) must wear a “J” on the upper front and back of vest or crop top in order to be eligible for prizes and must provide proof of age on race day. 
  • All temporary licenced entrants to wear neutral colours and to adhere to IAAF and ASA rules. 
  • Athletes may NOT replace ASA licence numbers with race numbers under any circumstances. The race number must be placed so that the ASA licence sponsor and the ASA Province/Year remains visible above the race number. The licence numerals may be covered. Athletes who fail to adhere to this rule may be disqualified – refer to ASA Rule 26.1.7. 

TIME OF EVENTS: Runners: 42.2km: 06:00 (6hr cut-off) Runners / Walkers: 21.1km: 06:00 (3hr 30min cut-off)

OFFICIAL TIMING: The race will be timed by Finish Time.

No Athlete will be permitted to start the second lap after 3 hours of running time.

Any Athlete who has not reached the 37km mark (5km to go) by 11.00 am must withdraw from the event and will be transported to the finish as Ethekwini Metro Police will be re-opening the road to normal traffic at that time.

  1. The Marathon is a Comrades Qualifier.
  2. Temporary Licences valid for 21.1km & 42.2km’s. ASA Rule 25.5.15: Temporarily licensed athletes are not covered by a national insurance policy.
  3. Prizegiving will take place at 9.30 am for 21.1km and 11.30 am for 42.2km and proof of age will be required for age category prizes.
  4. Holders of temporary licences will be eligible for individual prizes and may claim age category prizes in keeping with IAAF and ASA Rule 25.5.13.
  5. Marathon entrants may finish only the half-marathon if desired but will not qualify for half-marathon prizes.
  6. Half-marathon entrants may not complete a second lap to complete the marathon.
  7. No pacing or personal seconding will be permitted in this event.
  8. Foreign Athletes must abide by IAAF Rules 4.2, 22.1 and 142, as well as ASA Rule 9.
  9. Marshalls, traffic officials and technical officials must be obeyed by athletes.
  10. Litter zones will be enforced at all water tables.

The full set of ASA rules can be found here.

21.1km – 3 hrs 30 min & 42.2km – 6 hrs 00 min

Walkers: 21.1km: 06:00 (3hr 30min cut-off)

  • Note 1 : No athlete will be permitted to start the second lap after 3 hours.
  • Note 2 : At 10am all runners not at the 37km mark will be asked to withdraw as Ethekwini Metro will be opening the road at that point to normal traffic.

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